Technological innovation is a strategic and economic resource whose preservation is often a complex process. The presence of strong operators, not-entirely-regulated competition in major emerging economies, the intangible essence of the products and the ease with which technological assets can be reproduced or copied are the main obstacles to the defence of the property rights of companies whose success lies in their innovation.

The innovation process, involving research and development, technological forecasting, rationalisation and reorganisation activities, requires professional support and therefore legal, economic and technical skills.

Thanks to its expertise in legal matters on the border between science and business and the strong partnership that the company has with consulting firms specialised in innovation, research institutes and universities, Marazzi&Associati is a partner for all operators who need to protect and enhance products, ideas, services and innovative solutions.

Marazzi&Associati provides specialist advice about:

Marazzi&Associati is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals entering new markets, developing new products and, in general, facing complex business challenges.

Our areas of expertise include negotiation of agreements for clinical trials, intellectual property protection, technology transfer, problem solving and business development.

Life Science

The rapid growth of new production models, in addition to the success of completely innovative technological sectors, has opened the door to unforeseen commercial prospects. Opportunities that represent the business areas of the future. To seize them immediately – in an industry where timing plays a leading role – you need to be able to move and make choices in a complex and controversial playing field as regards both the legal aspects and the market strategies. Marazzi&Associati is able to offer integrated consultancy, also to operators of the pharmaceutical industry, regarding drugs, medical devices, applications, food supplements and veterinary drugs.

Our expertise in the regulatory field, indeed, allows the analysis and/or drafting of contracts with CROs, distribution contracts, licenses, sponsorships, drafting of organizational and control models ex. D.lvo. 231/2001, as well as the participation as members of Supervisory Boards. Our knowledge naturally extends not only to industry regulations but also to the Codes of Ethics of Farmindustria and Confindustria Dispositivi Medici. Through an active collaboration with the Clinical Techonology Transfer Group (CTTG) and Attorney Kate Duffy Mazan, Marazzi&Associati can help companies working with the government on technology transfer projects. Indeed, CTTG attorneys assist companies in negotiating cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs), clinical trial agreements (CTAs) and licensing agreements with the federal government of U.S.A.

Technological Transfer

Within the field of technology transfer, Marazzi&Associati offers its clients the following services:

Internet and Ict

Il team Marazzi&Associati, costituito per affrontare le criticità nascenti dal confronto tra le nuove tecnologie e le diverse aree del diritto, dell'economia e della società, offre un approccio multidisciplinare e professionale.

Cyber law & Robo law

Marazzi&Associati assists companies in dealing successfully with regulatory issues, law compliance and responsibilities deriving by the use of robots and legal compliance concerning the need to protect data security and privacy. In particular, Marazzi & Associati deals with: