13 giugno 2019
Tracks: Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery

Marazzi & Associati supports the Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery in the exhibition "TRACCE" by the artist Valerio Berruti which will be inaugurated on July 6, 2019 in Pietrasanta (Lu) in Piazza G. Bruno 3, via Garibaldi 16.

Valerio Berruti was born in Alba in Piedmont in 1977, a city where he still lives and works. Graduated in art criticism at the D.A.M.S. in Turin, in 1995 he bought and restored a church of the seventeenth century in Verduno (CN) that he uses as a studio and atelier. His drawings, paintings and sculptures essentially reproduce images of everyday life and family affections.

In 2004 Berruti began his artistic career by winning the Premio Celeste and the Premio Pagine Bianche d'Autore of the Piedmont Region, then continued exhibiting in the most popular galleries in Europe and the rest of the world such as: in 2009 at the Venice Biennale, in 2008 at the center Pompidou in Paris, in 2011 at the Pola Museum in Tokyo, and in 2014 at The Drawing Center in New York.

For this event he decided to exhibit a new work, absolutely original, where, as often happens in the works of the Piedmontese artist, the media merge: drawing with frescoed painting, sculpture that makes three-dimensional drawing, video animation that transforms drawing into cinema, creating each time works of great impact and poetic effect. In the cycle "Traces", the drawing becomes an engraved sign inside steel plates of different sizes, like a negative trace of his shadow sculptures.

The exhibition will end on August 6, 2019.

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28 maggio 2019
The Death of a Transaction: Fabio Marazzi takes part in the seminar of UIA

We are pleased to inform you that Prof. Fabio Marazzi, senior managing partner of Marazzi & Associati, will host a presentation at the seminar organized by the Union Internationale des Avocats "UIA" in London on Thursday 30 May 2019.

The conference will be held on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May 2019 in order to bring together lawyers from around the world, facilitate professional development, the international exchange of information and ideas as well as to promote the rule of law.

The presentation of Prof. Fabio Marazzi will be aimed at addressing various issues, such as: Intentions of Parties, Purchase Agreement Conditionally and Indemnties; within the framework of Civil Law in a panel in which common law jurists will participate.

The panel will address the key issues to be considered during the negotiations for the acquisition and sale of a business and for the interpretation of the Contracts.

If you would like to request a presentation or for more information, please contact Alessia Marsegaglia:


15 maggio 2019
Flavia Milesi joins Marazzi&Associati as Senior Advisor for Japan and Korea

Marazzi & Associati’s team is pleased to welcome Flavia Milesi as Senior Advisor for the Japanese and Korean markets. Dr. Milesi, graduated in Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Venice "Ca' Foscari", began her career in 1994 in the Brembo company where she was a commercial correspondent for the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets and became an assistant in the management secretariat. In 1999 she began working for an important leather goods company as head of the foreign markets departmes. 

Since 2005, thanks to his knowledge of the Japanese market, the language and culture of the country, he decided to set up his own business by supporting various companies operating in various sectors such as wine, food, fashion, machinery, cosmetics, medical, in the role of export manager for entry into the Japanese and South Korean markets. 

Thanks to the experience and competence of Flavia Milesi, Marazzi & Associati will strengthen its expertise in supporting the internationalization processes of companies in the Japanese and Korean markets.

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10 maggio 2019
Antognolla Golf will host the PGA of Italy Championship 2019

Marazzi & Associati is pleased to inform you that Antognolla Golf will host the PGA of Italy Championship 2019 by +Energia. Marazzi & Assocati is partner of the Association of Italian Golf Professional.  Antognolla Golf is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Italy, the 18-hole course in Antognolla is characterized by its long, sloping fairways, marvellous water obstacles and wide, undulating greens.

This year will be the 43rd edition of the PGA of Italy Championship, the main event of the Association of Italian Golf Professionals. The first edition of the Championship was played in 1977 and among its winners are names such as Constantino Rocca and Francesco. Molinari, current holder of the title Open. Luca Cianchetti, last year's triumphant edition held at the Golf Club Castelgandolfo, will be present at Antognolla to defend the title.

The PGA of Italy Championship will be played over three laps, between 14 and 16 September. The first two rounds with Pro-Am formula, while the final round will be played only by professionals who will compete for the title of Italian PGA Champion 2019.

Participants in the championship this year will compete for a prize pool of €40,000.

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10 maggio 2019
Nereo Landini joins Marazzi&Associati as Senior Advisor for Csr practice.

Marazzi & Associati’s team is pleased to welcome Nereo Landini as Senior Advisor. Mr. Landini worked from 1994 to 2001 as academic at University of Modena (Italy) and other Universities in Italy and abroad. Then he started his managerial careers in energy and manufacturing companies at multinational level, with business worldwide and finally focused on Europe and East Africa, where he served as CFO for an automotive company. Since 2015 he is Corporate Social Responsibility Executive and Data Protection Officer in a world leader multinational company in the field of automatic packaging machines and lines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. He continues to collaborate with University of Bologna and other private research institutes in research and training activity on CSR, sustainable development and Circular Economy. He also supports companies in achieving Corporate Social Responsibility reporting strategy and Data Protection effective policies according EU and Global Reporting Initiatives best practices.

Nereo Landini will lead the Corporate social responsibility pratice of Marazzi & Associati to provide an effective and qualified advisory to companies in dealing successfully with Corporate Social Responsibility context, to attain a greater competitiveness.

For additional information, please contact Andrea Noris:


19 aprile 2019
The Sea and other Stories: Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery

Marazzi & Associati supports the Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery in the exhibition Il Mare e altre storie, "The Sea and other Stories" by the artist Paolo Ventura, which will be inaugurated on 20 April 2019 in Pietrasanta (Lu) in Piazza G. Bruno 3, via Garibaldi 16.

Born in Milan in 1968, Paolo Ventura lives between Milan and Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo. After several years of fashion photography, he moved to New York where he lived for ten years and began his work as an artist, then returned to Italy, where he lived between Tuscany and Milan and where he continues to create his stories and his sets. Paolo Ventura has exhibited in museums and private galleries around the world, including the 54th Venice Biennale. Among the main exhibitions, in 2015 he exhibited in Minneapolis the cycle La città infinita at the Westein gallery and the anthological Un mondo infinito!, at the Valkhof Museum in Holland.

In 2016 he was invited, with a personal exhibition, to the International Festival of European Photography in Reggio Emilia and his works from the Cotroneo Collection were exhibited in Reims during the Festival of Photography and in Valledolid. Also in 2016 he created the sets for the Teatro Regio in Turin, for the opera Pagliacci by Leoncavallo, directed by Gabriele Lavia, who inaugurated the 2017 season.

CAMERA-Italian Centre for the Turin Photo-aphony exhibited at the same time the preparatory works of the Pagliacci project. In 2018 Ventura exhibited the retrospective Racconti immaginari, with about 100 works including photographs, sets and some objects chosen by the artist at the ARMANI / SILOS in Milan, and the personal Racconti di Guerra al MAG, Museo del Garda. Ventura is currently working on the sets for La Cavalleria rusticana for the Teatro Regio in Turin, while his solo exhibition is scheduled for 2020 at Camera, Centro Italiano per la fotografia in Turin.

 The exhibition will end on 20 May 2019, invitation (in Italian) in attachment


3 aprile 2019
Marazzi & Associati signs a new partnership with Origami Engineering

Marazzi & Associati supports companies to successfully address the internationalisation process, by providing them with specialist services and a consolidated international network of offices  and strategic partners.  Marazzi & Associati is pleased to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement with Origami Engineering. Origami Engineering is a London-based company that combines business development and engineering expertise in a market of great interest to companies such as the United Kingdom, and through a network of partners and local agents in Malaysia, Romania, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

The United Kingdom represents a very interesting market for foreign companies even in a context dominated by uncertainty due to Brexit, that will lead, if it happens, to the need to review investment projects and supply chains to the Uk. Thanks to the collaboration with the Origami network it will be possible to support the commercial growth of companies in additional European and Asian markets, as Origami is a company specialized in supporting foreign companies in the phase of entry into the UK market and through a network of partners in other markets, having expertise in terms of business development, engineering and research of public incentives for investment.

Fabio Marazzi Senior Managing Partner of Marazzi & Associati commented: "I am delighted with this partnership which allows us to expand the range of services offered to support companies realizing direct investments and to support their business development activities in the UK, Malaysia, Romania and Germany”.

For additional information, please contact Andrea Noris: It is possible to download the Origami Engineering tearsheet at the following link


28 febbraio 2019
BREXIT: how can firms manage?

We are pleased to inform you that, on 7 March, from 9 am to 11 am, has been organized  at the University of Pavia, as part of the Master in International Business and Entrepreneurship, an open-door event on Brexit, on its consequences in international trade and in the daily life of companies. The economist Roger Strange of the University of Sussex, the entrepreneur Gianpiero Lotito, of Facility Live and thelawyer Fabio Marazzi, senior managing partner of Marazzi & Associati, each for their own area of expertise will reflect on the economic, entrepreneurial and legal consequences of Brexit.

 Event's poster is attached


28 gennaio 2019
Enrico Roberto Dapoto joins Marazzi & Associati's team

Marazzi & Associati’s team is pleased to welcome Enrico Roberto Dapoto as Senior Advisor. Mr. Dapoto worked from 1982 to 2018 at the Italian National Institute of Social Security (INPS) and since 1999 served as Supervisory Inspector in the Bergamo Province.  He collaborated with all the police forces for issues related to social security and since 2014 he has been a member of the Interagency Prefectural Commission, representing the Bergamo Province Office of the Italian National Institute of Social Security.

His experience and deep knowledge of administrative procedures, are now available to train, explain and support all companies interested in strictly fulfil the legal obligations related to social security


18 gennaio 2019
Paolo Alli joins Marazzi & Associati team

As of January 2019, Paolo Alli joined the Marazzi & Associati team as Senior Advisor. Former Undersecretary to the Presidency of Lombardy Region (2010-2013) and Vice General Commissioner of Expo Milan 2015, Mr. Alli was a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies since March 2013 and served on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the European Union Policies Committee. In addition, Mr Alli served as President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly from 2016 to 2018, after having served for two years as one of the Assembly’s five Vice-Presidents.

The inestimable experience acquired in the context of the positions he held, the international relations developed over the years and his diplomatic and intercultural capacity are now added to the top-level consultancy services offered by the Marazzi & Associati Team.


25 ottobre 2018
Exporting food in the Usa

We are pleased to share an abstract of our research focused on US regulations for the export of Italian food and manufacturing products given the NAFTA negotiations. The research provides a detailed outlook on import tariffs, documentation, registration of facilities, as well as a detailed overview of specific industries. You can download the abstract Exporting in the Usa at the end of this news.

For further details, or for receiving the complete version of the research, please contact our research department at


9 ottobre 2018
Marazzi & Associati at Smau Milano 2018

Marazzi & Associati is pleased to inform that its senior partners Silvano Mazzantini and Nicolò Ghibellini will host presentations during Smau 2018 Milan.

Silvano Mazzantini will host a presentation, titled “Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation: The role of Public Private Partnerships” on October the 25th 2018. The presentation will have as main focus  Implementation tools and policies for managing innovation in the field of cybersecurity, AI and innovation in general. The role of public policies for the development of innovation. Silvano Mazzantini will share information also on cybersecurity and AI as development tools: PPPs, Innovation Partnerships and Pre-commercial Procurement.

More information at the following link:


Nicolò Ghibellini, will host a presentation, titled” Artificial intelligence and robotic law” on October the 25th during the workshop Industry 4.0.  After a synthetic regulatory framework description (having as its object the Resolution of the European Parliament of 16.02.2017), Nicolò Ghibellini will address some of the main practical / operational issues, such as, the possibility of giving robots their own legal status and the consequent problem of liability for damages caused by their use. These are just some of the issues that will be discussed in order to provide companies with legal and regulatory references for a correct approach to the topic.

More information at the following link

Smau is the most important Italian event dedicated to Information & Communication Technology and Innovation solutions designed to help main national and international suppliers to meet entrepreneurs, corporate and public administration decision makers and ICT channel operators. For over 50 years Smau supports Italian companies in the acquisition of technology and innovation.

More detail at the following link:


3 settembre 2018
Fabio Marazzi Interview on Finance Monthly

Fabio Marazzi, Senior Managing Partner at Marazzi & Associati was interviewed by the international leading magazine, Finance Monthly, regarding Marazzi & Associati's role as advisor of Nicole Fashion Group that was recently acquired by Bc Partners through Pronovias Italia S.r.l.
Mr. Marazzi described the most important elements and complexities of the transaction and how Marazzi & Associati operated as advisor of the sellers.

Finance Monthly is a global publication delivering news, comment and analysis to those at the centre of the corporate sector. Finance Monthly reports on the news and topics that matter to the CEOs, CFOs, investors, company directors, entrepreneurs, and SMEs that make up our valued readership. We’re a multi-platform publication, offering global finance news coverage both online and in digital formats, distributed to 195,880 people each month.

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6 febbraio 2018
Article by Marazzi & Associati published on Business Lawyer, periodical of the American Bar Association

We are pleased to announce that the article "Some Aspects of the EU’s New Framework for Personal Data Privacy Protection" written by lawyer Nicolò Ghibellini, partner of Marazzi & Associati, was published on "Business Lawyer", prestigious newspaper dedicated to business Law of the American Bar Association and dedicated to the business lawyers community in the US.

The article analyzes the consequences of the implementation of the new "General Data Protection Regulation" of the European Union, especially with regards to the figure of the Data Protection Officer. As part of the regulations concerning data transfer outside the European Union, the article describes the characteristics of the data protection system called Privacy Shield.

Lawyer Ghibellini deals with new technologies legal implications, supporting companies that decide to develop their activities on the web, dealing with legal issues related to the e-commerce, to the protection of the brand online and privacy, IT contracts and industrial-scientific collaboration.

For more information:


20 novembre 2017
Fintech alert: financial services companies rank high among industries seeking blockchain patents

Thanks to the cooperation with one of the biggest law firm in the United States Blank Rome Llp, Marazzi & Associati is happy to share update about financial services industry Ip Strategies in the Usa.

As blockchain continues to expand its reach into more industries, one industry in particular—financial services—is exploring innovative uses for the technology, especially in the area of payment processing. Innovation often leads to an increase in patent application filings, so to see some of the largest financial services companies among the top companies obtaining blockchain-related patents, according to recent data, is not surprising. Financial services companies employing blockchain technology, or thinking about doing so, should not overlook recent changes in the patent landscape.

Purchase, New York-based MasterCard International, ranked sixth on the list of companies receiving blockchain patents (Clarivate Analytics, November 8, 2017), recently saw its latest blockchain patent application published on November 9, 2017. Its "Instantaneous Payment Using Recorded Guarantees" invention (Application No. US20170323294; filed May 6, 2016) is related to the field of "recorded guarantees for payment transactions for verification by acquiring institutions to facilitate instantaneous payment to a merchant involved in the payment transaction, specifically the use of a blockchain or other third party network for verification of a guarantee associated with the payment transaction."

MasterCard's patent application comes off the heels of an earlier-published application by San Francisco's Visa. Calling its invention, "Using Digital Signatures to Create Trusted Digital Asset Transfers" (Application No. US20170237554; published August 17, 2017), Visa's application provides a generalized working definition of blockchain. Referring to a series of blocks, the application describes each block as part of a blockchain that includes an electronic record of one or more historical transactions, as well as its metadata. The blocks in the blockchain can be linked by including a reference to a previous block (e.g., a hash output of a previous block). This interrelationship provides what many find attractive in blockchain technology: new blocks in the blockchain may be algorithmically determined based on new transactions and previous blocks in the blockchain, and as a result, any tampering of data stored in previous blocks can be detected.

One of the obstacles facing blockchain patent applications, as with other software-related inventions, is the Supreme Court's Alice Corp. Pty Ltd. v. CLS Bank, 134 S. Ct. 2347 (2014) decision, which addressed whether the claims of a patent are directed to patentable subject matter. Alice's "abstract" test has been cited often in cases where computer software patent claims have been found invalid. As a result, some approach software patent applications with understandable caution, and many may choose to protect their innovations as trade secrets instead of seeking patents.

Regardless of the approach, the growing number of blockchain patent filings in every country suggests that many companies continue to prioritize intellectual property protection as a key component of their efforts to capitalizing on emerging technologies. This trend is observable in other fields, including artificial intelligence (“AI”), Internet of Things (“IoT”), and robotics, which have also seen increased patent filings, especially outside the United States. Seeking patents for blockchain technologies may offer big rewards to those innovative companies working with, or planning to work with, blockchain. Issued patents potentially provide exclusivity, but even those patent applications that never lead to a patent can be useful, for example, as a defensive tactic to allow a company the freedom to operate in a crowded market.

Feel free to contact us for more information about Ip strategies in the Us, European Union and India Ip strategies for banks and financial services sector, please email your request at the email: