22 agosto 2019
Fiori di croco: personal preview of Arcangelo Esposito Exhibition

Marazzi & Associati supports the Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery in the preview of Arcangelo Esposito exhibition titled "Fiori di Croco" (Crocus Flowers in English) which will be inaugurated on 24 August 2019 in Pietrasanta (Lu) in Piazza G. Bruno 3, via Garibaldi 16.

Arcangelo was born in Avellino in 1956, graduated in 1980 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he lives and works between Milan and San Nazzaro, in the province of Benevento.

Painter and historicized sculptor, since the eighties he has been carrying out tireless research in the Italian art scene based on the roots, sense of belonging and sharing of a cultural heritage, the Sanniti one, which he has been able to extend and transform until he understands the legacies of other places and other peoples.

For this occasion Arcangelo decided to present an ancient Roman flower, the crocus, which was born and died on the Via Appia, the road that connects, among others, also Maleventum (later  become Benevento) and Avellino, where Arcangelo was born and lived.

For the author, the crocus flowers embody the “Curatores”, who in ancient times were a sort of guardian of the road designed to ensure the continuity of connections between Rome and the provinces of southern Italy.

The exhibition will be completed with 4 small ceramic sculptures, which continue the fascinating cycle of Irpinian houses until September 15, 2019.


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Fiori di croco: personal preview of Arcangelo Esposito