27 marzo 2020
Assistance in the processes of acquisition and sale of a business

Marazzi & Associati, thanks to a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals, assists its clients in all of the phases of acquisitions or sales of companies. Thanks to its Project Management team, Marazzi & Associati assists buyers and sellers with specialized services, from the preparatory phases of acquisitions through the entire process, up to the closing step and the post-acquisition phase.

In preparatory activities for acquisitions and business transfers, Marazzi & Associati assists its clients in legal and commercial due diligence, negotiation of letters of intent and letters of offer, negotiation of contracts for the purchase of company shares and ancillary agreements. Marazzi & Associati also provides assistance in various post-acquisition activities: audit of the acquired company, monitoring of the performances and of the integration plan, forensic analysis of seller's representations and warranties, assistance in any eventual claim, negotiation of price adjustments.

Please find attached a brief presentation of the different steps of an M&A process and of services provided by Marazzi & Associati.

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